Blue Cross Veterinary Clinic | Our Vets
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Our Vets

Our vets have over thirty-five years of experience treating dogs, cats, and other companion animals, as well as a wide range of exotic animals. The Blue Cross Vets consult with each other on the more challenging veterinary cases, and collaborate during critical care to ensure the best possible treatment for your pet.

Dr Martin Debattista
Veterinary Surgeon

Dr Martin Debattista started out at the Universita' di Milano, Italy graduating in 1979 with a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine. He started practice in Milan at a 24hr emergency clinic before returning to Malta to take up a partnership at the Blue Cross Vet Clinic as veterinary surgeon and practice manager. Dr Debattista also provides veterinary consultancy to local farms, specialising in pigs, rabbits, and poultry.
Dr Debattista’s main interests when treating dogs and cats are Internal Medicine and Dermatology (skin and coat conditions). He appreciates the challenges that Feline Medicine and Surgery offers and also has vast experience in the treatment of pet rabbits
Dr Debattista is the main Veterinarian responsible for sedation and anaesthesia at the Blue Cross Veterinary Clinic, and he is accredited to perform Hip and Elbow in dogs in collaboration with Ce.Le. Ma.Sche. the FCI approved reading centre based in Ferrara, Italy. For the past three years, Dr Debattista has also featured in the local print media with a fortnightly column dedicated to pet health, and participated with other specialists in various veterinary-related projects.

Mireille Vella
Veterinary Surgeon

Dr Mireille Vella graduated from the University of Messina in 1996, following which she pursued her studies in UK at Reading University from where she obtained both the MSc and PhD.
She joined the Blue Cross Vet Clinic in 1997, she is active in all aspects of small animals’ veterinary medicine having a keen interest in internal medicine and dermatology. She works in the field of exotic animals within the practice and is consultant to a number of exotic animal parks. Dr Mireille was directly involved in the preparation and adoption of the animal welfare legislation in line with the EU acquis prior to Malta joining the EU whilst serving as a Director and later took on the added responsibility for the day to day running of the local Government Veterinary services.
Dr Mireille is very active in pursuing Continuous Professional Development by following courses at a UK veterinary university and attending regularly at international conferences/congresses.

Dr Carmel Lino Vella
Veterinary Surgeon

Dr Carmel Lino Vella carried out his studies at the Universities of Malta and London, graduating in the arts of veterinary medicine and surgery from the Royal Veterinary College and becoming a Member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. Following a stint in practice at Haywards Heath in Sussex he returned to Malta setting up the Blue Cross Veterinary Clinic. At the same time he served as an Official Government Veterinarian moving on to Chief Veterinary Officer(CVO). During his time as a CVO he managed to eradicate, from the islands of Malta, two most important zoonotic diseases, mainly brucellosis (undulant fever) and tuberculosis from the islands of Malta. He carried research in the diagnosis and treatment of leishmaniosis (sand fly fever). Dr Lino, for a number of years, represented Malta at the FAO, OIE, Council of Europe, WVA, FVE, FECAVA and the EU.
Through the years Dr Lino carried on specializing in different small animal therapies , orthopaedics being his main specialisation. He served as a visiting lecturer at the Universities of Malta, London and Bologna. Since his retirement from CVO he dedicates his whole time to Small Animal practice.