Blue Cross Veterinary Clinic | Valley Road - Msida - 21492174
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About The Blue Cross Clinic

All of us at the Blue Cross Vet Clinic have spent our lives surrounded by pets, so we understand how much your own pet means to you. We care for your pet as we care for ours and this means that your pet gets the very best in primary and specialist health care.

Our surgical and nursing teams undertake continual professional development that ensures that we stay at the forefront of veterinary and palliative medicine.

79 40 40 30
24-hour emergency helpline

A medical emergency can happen at any time. If you’re not sure what to do, or you need veterinary first aid advice. Or, maybe, you’re even unsure whether anything is the matter with your pet and you’d like to ask an expert, you can call 79 40 40 30 at any time of day or night. A vet will listen to your concerns and offer advice as to what to do next.

When it's time to say goodbye...

Whether it’s unexpected or due to old age, it’s always hard to say goodbye. You can honour the memory of your pet by having it individually cremated and taking the ashes home to keep or scatter over your pet’s favourite place. Alternatively, you can opt for cremation simply to dispose of its body in a dignified manner. All we ask in exchange for this service is that you make a donation to the animal shelter at Island Sanctuary. In this way, you will be helping less fortunate dogs and cats. We will do the rest.